Fundamental and Applied Research on Turbulence and Particle Transport

I am interested in solving fundamental and applied problems related to turbulence and particle transport in environmental flows (with additional interests in industrial and astrophysical flows). My work is motivated by the fact that when trying to predict the behavior of weather and climate using large-scale numerical models, the sub-grid processes that are not resolved by these models (due to limitations of the numerical grid resolution) must be accounted for by some model or parameterization. The aim of my research is to understand and model those sub-grid processes that involve turbulence and particle transport. To do this I seek to understand the fundamental physics of these processes, and then use this understanding to develop new models that can be incorporated into the large-scale numerical models to represent the effect of the sub-grid processes.

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- Andrew D. Bragg, PhD.


Front page image courtesy of Mixing in forced stratified turbulence and its dependence on large-scale forcing, published online by Cambridge University Press, 25 June 2020